Varroa count (sticky board) results.


Just a follow up on TF hives and varroa on the boards.  I won't be treating but any related observations from people who have done the same welcome.
I have asked around and decided 50 or under is fine and am there, details below.  May be of use to someone looking for this sort of info anyway.
Hives have been dropping a steady 20-30/day all year, seems fairly consistent as this is a sticky count so gives an indication.  Latest today gives an increase to 26 and 30 / day over a 3 day period.

The two hives always have the same ratios but the bees are different and have different behaviours.  I am in central france and after a couple of rainy days sun is out and bees going mad bringing in pollen. 
The busier hive that drops 20 or so is now 30 / day but they were shut in for a day, then dull but still busy, today going absolutely mad.  Pushing and shoving to get in the entrance.  Also pupa on the board look about 12 days old (assume more dumped outside).  These are slightly italianate local bees. 

The 'steadier' one is blacker bees and is always busy but not so frantic, I think they are full and ready for winter.  Normally 30 / day now 26 and one pupa but then they are inside more.

Bob Wilson:
Greetings, Charentejohn.
I am glad the two hives are doing OK, and hope the "italianate" colony makes it through winter.
All three of my TF colonies are doing well.

Thanks Bob, not easy resisting the urge to treat but I am ok with such counts.  Based on nothing more than they arrived in May and the counts have remained roughly the same and they are doing really well nearly 6 months later.  Not very scientific but good ball park idea, I will do it for another year to see if it holds.  If so then I can just do one as and when and if it comes to about this I know they will have a good chance.

We have good weather here at the moment, changing climate means we get some occasional stormy days (Charente in France) but winters have been milder last few years. I think they may just keep going which is actually not so good as I would prefer they wind down, maybe Dec/Jan/Feb will cause a pause.  We keep getting a cold week then sunny days so they start again, winter dearth may help. 
Noon and sunny and again madly busy, hornet folder but has the madbees video is just the bees flying yesterday!AgZCpYNgfmp7hCN2pC8dr1dlT_BA?e=bEAUYA
Bringing in lighter, almost grey, pollen but i have given up guessing where they are going.

I find it odd that you would get a steady count of 20 a day.

Acebird, If you mean the line - Hives have been dropping a steady 20-30/day all year.  It means what it says, each time I do this the drop seems to be 20-30, once was 16 but never more than 30.  Basically a steady rate with no sudden rises (or falls sadly) which I hope is a positive thing.
I will be interested in the over winter ones as the cluster shrinks. 


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