Manure for the Garden

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What a great idea.

Ben Framed:

--- Quote from: Lesgold on September 16, 2022, 05:25:10 pm ---Hi Folks,

These days I tend to use worm castings a lot in the garden. I feed the worms mostly on coffee grounds and horse manure with the odd supplement of wood chips if they are available. If I go away for an extended holiday, I will add cardboard to the farms to keep them going long term. I used to feed vegetable scraps to the worms but that turned out to be more work and the seeds used to sprout all over the garden. I keep the worms in old bath tubs.

The bath tubs are elevated and the worm liquid is caught in a bucket. Each worm farm has internal drainage and a hinged lid. A piece of old carpet covers most of the bed. This keeps the compost dark, moist and cool.

The beds produce a good, nutrient rich compost that the veggies love.

I harvest the compost twice a year.  Worms are also harvested about 3 times a year and sold to a local worm farmer.

--- End quote ---

Good set up Les. Thanks for sharing your ideas and pictures.


Ben Framed:

--- Quote from: Acebird on September 22, 2022, 09:11:16 am ---What a great idea.

--- End quote ---

Ace; To be clear, which in your opinion is the great idea? That of Lesgold or that of the report in reply 24 by Salvo?  :shocked: Or both  :cheesy:


Both.  We should put back in the earth what we take.  Bear in mind the atmosphere is part of the earth.


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