The benefits of wood-rotting fungi

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Andy L.:
In the magazine North American Permaculture, No. 3 Winter 2016 issue have a great article on fungi and honeybees. The article is on Paul Stamets and Dr. Steve Shepperd's work. I have follow Paul Stamets works the last few years. Plus, read one of his books.

Bumping up this thread. 
I see bees all the time in my log berm (hugelkulture) that has a huge variety of fungi.

I read information the other day that the bees use the resins from fungi to enhance the propolis and it changes the medical value of said propolis. I would love to find more research on that. Fungi covers 99% of everything on earth and is thought to be the key to life, I guess the bees are pretty smart.

Found a very interesting video on youtube about this subject of fungi and bees even a new way to feed the bees. video gets interesting about half way through. Must research this more.

Paul Stamets made this entertaining and fascinating TED talk years ago:

Odd that there hasn't been more public awareness on the topic but then, it's not a high-profit medicine, right?
Yet, estrogen-dominant bees don't seem to get cancer....

Regulation of cancer cell signaling pathways by mushrooms and their bioactive molecules:
Fungal/Mycelium apoptosis of human breast cancer cells:


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