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As John (beemaster) stated in another post here there is a gardening forum which is a sister site to this one.
Thers are many different subjects there from flowers to veggie growing. we have a arts & craft section that has seen no traffic at all even though I know there are many people out there that do things which us with elbows and no imagantion can't seem to do but do enjoy seeing and hearing about. We are even willing to take lessons from you talanted people.

Kare and I have assembled a large library of gardening books and can answer a wide range of questions. Questions we can't answer our selves we can link you to people who can.
As of September 2004 Kare and I had just shy of 3800 square feet of perennial flower gardens. We have named many for the area where they are or what is planted there. Although the bee garden is named for it's location near the bee yard and the many plants placed in there for the bees alone. For example we have Korean Box wood shrubs planted there because the bees just love them in the very early spring when they bloom.
The forum does not see much use, many members sign up then never bother to do any posting for some reason.

 :D  Al


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