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Wandering Buddhist:
Does anyone know of a beekeeper in North America who produces sunflower honey?  Preferably with a web site.  I imagine such a person would be in the northern Great Plains region.  Any info most appreciated.

Bruce Hanson:
I'm from South Dakota and there are lots of sunflowers grown around me,and yes we do produce honey from them. how can I help you ?

Horns Pure Honey:
Bruce is it true that sunflower honey dosnt taste that good or do you just have to taste it to see if you like it? thanks

Wandering Buddhist:
Hello Bruce

I am happy to see a response.  I have an acquaintance in Maryland who has been buying his sunflower honey from abroad, but would like to buy some made here in the USA.  If you agree, would you please send me your contact information, which I may forward to him, so that he may secure a purchase?  We are only talking about a couple of jars, here, not too much.

Thanks again for responding.  If you could, please tell me what is unique about sunflower honey; I really know little about it in particular.

Bruce Hanson:
Sunflower honey is a extra light amber colored and has a pleasant flavor.The honey, bees produce from sunflowers granulates or sugars quite fast and has to be extracted  as soon as it is capped over or it is rock hard in the comb.             Sunflowers are grown for their oil and seeds and bloom late summer.Its a pretty sight to drive by a field of sunflower a mile long that are 6 to 8 foot tall and have heads as big as platters.             The one drawback is spray--bee kill, lots of bad bugs love to chew on the seeds, so air spraying is done and lots of bees are lost if sprayed at the wrong time.         


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