My Blooms (post pics)

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Too bad that this thread never took off....maybe it will now that we all may have a little more time on our hands.  Anyone game?

I loved that picture of the Kadzu by the way (is that how it is spelled?).  I have seen pictures of this stuff, I have actually googled it because it looked so interesting.  It kind of looks like monsters to me.

I'll put in a couple of pictures for you to look at. I have many, many more, but this is a start.  Beautiful day in this great life, great health.  Cindi

A bee on my honeysuckle vine (a non-fragrant one, rats!!!!)

Goatsbeard, beloved by bees

Just found this thread it is a great idea as soon as my laptop is fixed I will start to post my pics aswell


Cindi that looks like what I call stinging Nettle's the last pic.



Irwin, now isn't that interesting.  It is not stinging nettle here, different plant.  I do wonder if the goatsbeard has a sting though.  I will check that out next spring when it regrows.  The stinging nettle in our neck of the woods is a perennial.  I should go and get a picture of it later today to show you what ours looks like.  Our stinging nettle is not as big as this goatsbeard plant.  I had a horrible run in with that stinging nettle patch in the middle of the chickenyard that I ripped and pulled out last summer.  Man, those things can go right through gloves, never knew that, hee, hee. Beautiful day in this great life, great health wishes for us all.  Cindi

Around here it gets up to six foot tall the bloom is a little different same color


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