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Sometimes we lose the small dates that have importance to the things we do every day - I'm proud to say that THIS DATE (Feb. 20, 2007) is the start of our FORTH SEASON from the launch of the Beekeeping Forums.

I want to remind everyone that we have come a long way, evolving from less powerful software to this wonder and easy to maintain SMF based forum software, the eliminating of spam-bots, a collection of thousands of posts and images, a team of moderators here to welcome and assist everyone new and seasoned alike and on and on....

On a personal note, I think it important to thank everyone who has contributed monetarily to the forums too - your gift has helped secure the future of the forums and the domain name and the forums will be here for decades to come with your wonderful donations and with the continued support of the members who are financially capable to assist in this momentous undertaking. I'm very please that many of you have donated to this very worthy cause, your contributions will continue to keep these forums around for generations to come - no matter whom is at the helm.

Lastly, recently we added a simple TEXT chatroom which you can enter and communicate with the members. By time this anniversary date is reached 2-20-07 expect to see the Ventrilo software (Windows Version) down loadable directly from this site with a simple installation instruction that will have you listening and talking to members around the Globe in minutes. We have used Ventrilo since June of 2006 with great success and now nearly 2 dozen members frequently stop in to talk on a regular basis - I hope you choose to also come and experience the wonders of this free voice chat program, even if you only text chat while there - why miss the family of members who have gone beyond posting and made true friends around the World.

Download the free Ventrilo software directly from Beemaster's site -

Happy Birthday Forum, and may we all be here to wish you many more.

And many more :)  Happy Birthday and congratulations on three great seasons and hope to spend many more
with the forum!!


Even though ive have been with the group a short time i have enjoyed my stay and everyone posts and contributions to the forum. KEEP IT UP AND THANKS  EVERYONE.

            Congratulations on the anniversary and thank you to the people who have made this forum what it is. They are people who not only talk about our common interests but make it happen.

                                            WELL DONE TEAM

Happy Birthday to u Happy Birthday to u happy birthday beemaster forums happy birthday to u.
have a great 4th season forums


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