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I surely hope you see a great change in the look and layout, but rest assure that you will quickly adapt to the new location of tabs and buttons and before long you will be zipping through the forum as easily as you ever had in our old software.

Now, you have a tripple layer of security that we never had before against spammers. You also get to play a roll in protecting against people who are abusive, rude or combative but having an option (at the bottom right of EVER POST) to infor the forums moderators of trouble makers.

New members will have to go through 2 security measures to prove they are humans and not computerized bots intent on spamming the forums. All-in-all, we are now safer than we have ever been before and rest assure that you and your family have a high-level of protection against people who do their best to cause others grief.

If you find any glitches or have any questions, you will find a REPORT PROBLEMS POST here in the ADMIN FORUM, please list any questions or problems there. Also, make use of the HELP TAB next to the HOME Tab for greater assistance from the makers of the software.

Over the next few days, we will be trimming "members" who fall into the following category 1) never posted "AND" also never logged in - that is BOTH issues must be met for immediate deleting of membership. If you have never posted, BUT you have logged in - this tells us you are more of a reader and not necessarilly into posting - your account will be saved.

Also, ANY TOPIC that is older than 30 days "WHICH HAS NOT BEEN RESPONDED TO" will be deleted. All other topics will remain in our forum search archieve for reference.

Lastly, and this should take the longest to weed through: date oriented topics (such as "the Hampton Beekeeping Association meeting will be help September 4th, 2005" ) will also be deleted. Any messages that have EXPIRED (those for example saying "I'll be in voice chat tonight Tuesday, May 3rd, 2006) well... no need to keep such messages.

So you will see a slim-lining of the content and of the membership. It is important to realise that many members in recent months were spammers, so don't be surprised when we have a much smaller membership - this is how it should, reflective of our actual group. Talk later and enjoy our new community forum!!

Wrongway T:
Looks like you have been burning candle not only both ends but just threw the candle in the fire! Great job! Thank you for all your trouble, time an effort you do to have a site for folks like me to get information money can't buy!

Thanks Wrongway:

To say I had help is a huge understatement, but our membership is full of some very wonderful and humble people who choose to remain nameless - but to them we all owe a great deal of thanks.

After seeing the forum look as slick and modern as it does, I am getting ideas of redoing the look of my Beekeeping Course Section and Homepage and other stuff at - I'd love a more uniform look and the ability to use TEMPLATE PAGE DESIGNS (much like the way pages are created here) to shape the look and content on the rest of my site.

Something tells me I'll have help at least pushing me in the right direction to really give a new and more interactive look and feel to ALL the website. For example, using a themed template for EVERY PAGE of the website, allows me to make a template change (say a feature like a calendar or a new logo, etc.) and it will change ALL the pages, rather than literally having to do the same changes one page at a time. So having a PHP page rather than an HTML page based site has MANY MANY top-end design aids for a humble point and click webpage maker like me.

The honest to goodness thing I have going is a passion to bring a community together for Beekeepers, where they can share content and questions of all kinds. A family place where you wouldn't be afraid to let your children look around and do homework from. Keeping it simple has raised this site to the very tops of all the search engines, rarely falling from the 2 or 3rd position and almost never beyond the first page of the engines. That has happened because of members like you who find a home here, make new friends, learn and share their ideas and skills and do it all in a commercial free enviroment - something that I'm proud to be able to bring to everyone here.

It was a decision I made nearly 6 years ago after receiving a very profitable sounding deal from one major beekeeping supplier who realized I had greatly surpassed them in the engines. The deal may have made me a fine sudsidized income, but it was also "selling out to the man" something morally I refuse to do.

I don't mind other members sharing where and who from they bought supplies, that is part of the idea of an open forum - but I have always shyied away from it myself, again because of strong beliefs that I should be a neutral party, hardly the best beekeeper (relatively speaking closer to the bottom of the beekeeper food chain than the top) but the forums SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES, here we have a collection of unlimited experience and ideas and a great fondness for sharing and helping others. All that comes from being true to your goals and your beliefs and the BEST LITTLE FORUM MEMBERSHIP IN THE WORLD.

What a combination!!!


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