What to do next with this swarm?


Stuart Coyle:
Yesterday got a swarm on a stone wall they were clumped on the wall only a foot off the ground. I got most of the bees into a hive but I suspect the queen is deep in a crevice in the wall. This morning they are still around, any good ideas on how to get the queen? I can't pull the rocks out of the wall. I think smoke will be my first port of call.

treat it as a trap out. Put the hive of bees back in front of the crack in the wall and put a trap out cone over the crack in the wall. If this is truly a new swarm that has just moved in they will all be out in a couple of days.............hopefully into you hive.


Stuart Coyle:
Thanks today I learned about trap out cones. Seems to be working, by 10am it looks like there are very few bees in the wall and most in the box. I guess the queen decided to move to more comfortable lodgings.


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