Hi Mods, Folks,

Due to this Covid fiasco, few bee clubs in my region have in in person classes. My club's school was disrupted last Spring, and we didn't even have bee school this year. We usually have about 100 students.

A neighboring County Club decided to offer ZOOM intermediate classes for up to 500 persons, newbees and oldbees that belonged to a regional (New England) club. As of our first class, about 300 were in attendance. I'll bet more show up by class #2. The class is from 7 to 9 PM. The zoom speaker will stay after for questions, and questions, and questions, and questions. 

An issue, as I see it, is: Our communication is through a Yahoo Group e-mail. Lots of ongoing chatter since the meeting. Obviously, all these posts will *disturb* persons with delicate sensibilities who can't stand the effort of merely deleting unwanted e-mails. In the first few minutes of the class, one rude person actually said she *...didn't need a history lesson...*. What kind of beekeeper would say that on a cold March night, during a talk about BEES? Obviously a third year beekeeper. They seem to know it all. (That's a joke folks. It's just a joke.)

Could this/my group of people start a thread of questions and answers, say in the General Heading? I think it could be *ours*, but everyone, ... everyone can, and I think, should contribute. A good way to learn,... is to TEACH. ( I constantly tell people about this forum, but...)

There are future speakers that for their own purposes, want to keep things within the group. We can deal with it.

I'm not saying it will happen if it's OK with this forum, but I'll present the idea to the class sponsors.

Thank you for your prompt response.


Sounds like a good idea. If the subject is about bees, just start a thread in the general beekeeping section.
Jim Altmiller


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