Materials for a trap out

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So, how close to the catch box does the cone need to be, the pointy end of course.



--- Quote from: JP on February 27, 2009, 10:46:29 am ---First stupid question, how do you make your cones and keep them from unraveling?


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Not try to butt in on Iddee's thread......

You can find cone calculators on the internet to help you lay out a pattern.  Of course the one I used is now gone, but here is a similar one.

I made a couple of different sized patterns out of poster board that I just lay on the screen and trace with a sharpie.

Lacing the cone together with the wire you embed in foundation works well.  Also hot glue works well with aluminum screen.    For some reason,  the majority of the trap outs I get are in a corner so a flat board doesn't work. to secure them.

Whatta ya mean "not to butt in"? Heck, I need all the help I can get. Get in here and lend a hand.

Watch the screen, tho, as said above, it will collapse and stop up your exit. That will cause the bees to look for another exit, usually inside the house. NOT GOOD for public relations. 1/8 in. hardware cloth is all I will use.

JP, I'll cover cone placement in the set up post. It will be coming soon.

I'll also cover setting the cone in a corner. You will be able to use a flat board, but with shims.


--- Quote from: iddee on February 27, 2009, 08:48:23 pm ---Watch the screen, tho, as said above, it will collapse and stop up your exit.

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I have never had a problem with it, so never gave it much thought.  But can't argue with you, the #8 is much more rigid.  There are enough other things that can go wrong,  so why add another.  The main reason I used screen was that it was flexible enough to easily bend/twist in and around corners.  But with the #8, it looks like you can re-use your cones over and over.  With the screen it is one and done.  Looking forward to how you deal with the corners.

Should the cone be double walled.
What prevents the bee from passing the nectar throw the screen to others side. :?



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