Materials for a trap out

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Bill Murray:
yes, what I like about this whole set up is it takes the work part out of the equation and replaces it only with time.

Still work, several trips to the removal site for sure.

1. site visit to meet the property owner or at least see what is going on.
2. gather materials for sealing cracks and holes, bait hive, frame of brood, brackets, ladder, etc. and load up the truck
3. site visit to seal all of the cracks and holes, set the screen cone, set the bait hive which usuall requires some kind of brackets. Wait and watch to see that everything starts going your way.
4. site visit after 1 or 2 days to make sure they have not found another way in/out, maybe plug more holes and cracks.
5. site visit after a couple of weeks to make sure everything is still going your way, maybe even pull the original bait hive and replace with a new one. Look for signs of a queen, depending on how long it has been, Q cell, Q cell remnants, eggs, etc. Observe for bees still exiting the cone, could take and hour or so, first thing I do is plug the cone with grass while I and looking for queen
6. site visit after several more weeks, no bees exiting cone, remove the cone and watch entrance hole for a while. Bees going in and out, fine. Bees going in with pollen........put the cone back on and wait some more.
7. site visit, pull everything down, plug entrance hole, collect money and head to the bee yard to set up a new hive.

easy least if close to home or on the way to/from work.

making the cone and keeping it together.
I roll mine up the way I want it and use an office stapler on he big end to put a couple of staple in it just to hold it in place. then use frame wire to stitch it together. easy peasy.

Bill Murray:
Still my friend only time.

Yes just time, but a lot of gas and running around that you could be doing something else.

I find that the blue tap-cons work great for attaching the brackets and cones to any type of masonry
type wall

Bill Murray:
But you do get paid for this correct? And if so it seems It should be a good income stream, trapping them out vrs all the work cutting them out.


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