Tools for the cutout.

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One thing I didn't see mentioned, maybe because it's not an actual tool - or maybe I just missed it, is knee pads. They are something I added to my tote after a couple of floor cutouts and spending a good deal of time on my knees. They are one of those things that you can surely do without if you don't have them, but they sure make for a much more comfortable job and may save your knees.

I bought a pair that have Velcro straps so they are easy off and on.
After using them once, I don't leave home without them if I may be working on my knees.

+1 on the knee pads.....might also add a yoga mat or some such in the event you need to lay down on rough ground and work under a floor or a trailer....sort of a specialized item not needed for all jobs but nice to have handy in the right situation.

10-4 on the yoga mat or something of the sort to lay on for those downunder jobs.

One more thing that I've added that may help (and I didn't notice posted above) is a piece of 1.5" or so PVC pipe/tube. A long section of tubing can come in real handy when you get in a situation where it's hard to get some smoke in an area you may not be able to fit into or reach. I've been able to run bees out of an addict space back into the soffit using this method and it saved me from having to cut another access hole in the customer's ceiling.

I will have to keep that in mind about getting smoke back in the corners. I have used a long piece of pipe but I used it to vacuum up bees way in the corner of an attic where I did not want to crawl into.


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