Queen foraging on a flower


Today while working my hives I had one hive in which the queen was balled by the workers when I opened the hive. I quickly closed up the hive but soon thereafter noticed a queen outside of the hive. I assume it was the queen that had just been balled, but not sure. I watched her closely and tried to catch her to put her in a queen cage for reintroduction elsewhere. In the process of watching her fly around I noticed she stopped at a flower and appeared to be going for the nectar. I quickly pulled out my wal-mart pocket camera and snapped as many pics as I could before she took off again. I finally caught her and am in the process of introducing her to another hive. I found this experience worth sharing and hope to get some feedback.

P.S. I will post the pics as soon as I have them developed.

Bee Boy:
really are you sure? Thats like really weird!!!

Beth Kirkley:
That sounds so odd. Do you have any thoughts as to why they attacked the queen?
Love to see those pics when ready.



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