Bad Crash; Well made car!!!


Ben Framed:
Qualifying round 2008, McDowell was the driver. Maybe passenger cars would be better equipped if they had factory roll cages instead of airbags?

Terri Yaki:
In today?s America, a law suit is in order for not having them in every car.

One of the worst wrecks I've ever seen in NASCAR happened last year at Daytona.  The new Next Gen cars are much less prone to coming off the ground than the old cars, so it was really surprising to see.  Preece was completely fine, although he had what looked like 2 black eyes for the next two weeks or so because the G forces from the rolling burst all the delicate blood vessels around his eyes.  If you skip to about 3:17 in the video you can see an up close slow-mo shot of the wreck.  Honestly, the safety in NASCAR today is truly remarkable.

Ben Framed:

--- Quote ---Honestly, the safety in NASCAR today is truly remarkable.
--- End quote ---

It is!


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