Lesgold?s Road Trip

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We made our way through Sydney and loaded up with some honey jars on the way. I couldn?t resist some of the store specials. The poor old Ute is loaded to capacity. Our final stop was at Wollongong which is about a hour south of Sydney. It was fantastic to be able to catch up with family. Our little two year old granddaughter has grown so much in the time that we were away. We will head off at lunchtime for the final 3 hour drive home.

Ben Framed:
Safe traveling home Les...

Thank you for sharing your trip and safe travels home!

Thanks for tagging along guys. We finally made it home last night after covering just over 20 000 km. Hope you all got a brief insight into what parts of Australia look like through the pics that were posted. Everything was done on he phone so the commentary was often full of errors and the photos were fairly ordinary in quality. It was a good trip where we encountered some amazing scenery. The best part was the people who we met who were also involved in similar journeys. They were so friendly and warm. If you ever get the chance, get over here and have a look around. I know that you would enjoy it. The cleanup starts now followed by some beekeeping jobs before the season starts. I have a few projects both bee and non bee related that I may share with you.

Cheers for now



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