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Hi Folks,

Just thought I?d share a few images of my winter road trip across the country. I?m sure that there are people out there that may want to see some of the sights of Australia and it?s variety of landscapes. So here goes. The plan is to drag our caravan from the east coast of Australia and then travel up the west coast, camping as we go. The plan is to be back home by mid August so that the bees can be given hugs and cuddles just before spring. We hope to get across the country reasonably quickly as we have done this part of the trip before. The holiday will start as we head north from Perth in Western Australia. Before leaving, all hives were checked and tested. Most should make it though winter without issue. Some hives were already down on honey reserves which means they may struggle a bit. There is a bit of a pick of nectar that should keep most hives going over the cold period. Here is a photo of sunrise from my back door just before leaving. The Pacific Ocean is about a mile away in the direction of the sun.

Sounds amazing!  I can't wait to hear about your trip and see pictures of your unique and beautiful country!  :happy:

I sure am interested in your trip!  I have only been to Australia once and it was to Perth.  Had the best time there.  would love to see your vacation and what more of the country looks like.

Thanks guys. I actually started the trip about 2 weeks ago and have now only begun the thread as we have travelled big miles to get to our starting point. The first few photos were taken from an overnight camp we had about two hours drive east of Perth. We stayed in a bush camp close to a old dam. Being in really low rainfall country, water is a valuable commodity and is really cherished. I have attached a photo of a Rocky outcrop. It is basically one piece of granite and covers about 170 acres. It is a huge, rounded hilly rock that the old timers took advantage of.

They saw it as a potential roof to gather water runoff so in the late 1800?s they built a stone drain around the perimeter of the rock.


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