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Ben Framed:
Some of you might find this brief discussion of the relation of the Horse, Bow, and American Planes Indian interesting. (The Comanche in this case)

Michael Bush:
The Lakota used to have competitions on how many arrows you could have in the air at once.  Compare this to a muzzle loader rifle at the time where if you were an EXPERT you might be able to mange 2 rounds a minute.  Yet they were shooting four rounds or more a second.  This is why Ben Franklin wanted us to adopt the long bow for the Continental Army.

A lot of muscle memory. As a kid I could shoot anything with a 15lb "kids" long bow. Trying later with proper stance and aiming not so much. The compound sights were a learning experience. Later I switched to back to a long bow and it's still taking lots of practice. I also want a Mongolian style bow for hunting horseback.
  The Mongolian horseback archery is another neat one to look up and watch. I believe the world record for 18 arrows hitting target is mongolian.

Michael Bush:
Lakota boys got a bow about the time they could walk.  It got bigger and stronger as they got bigger and stronger.  All shooting was instinctive, not aimed.  You draw and release in one motion.  They practiced on anything that moved from grasshoppers to birds to rabbits often "wing" shots.


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