Rattle Snake Round-Up, & How Do You Cook Em?


Ben Framed:
Jerry Clower once told of going to a rattlesnake roundup in the Great State of Texas. He said "I was impressed with the many snakes the folks were bringing in." After the roundup their was to be a great celebration and a rattlesnake cook-off competition afterward. A fellow showed up in an official looking truck, with an official look about himself, and stood before the people and announced, "I am from the Humane Society, and I am here to make sure you folks kill the rattlesnakes right and correctly"!
Jerry said he stood up and said, "Fellow; Please tell me..... How can you kill a rattlesnake wrong!!! ??"

How do 'you' cook rattlesnake?


Rolled in everglades seasoning and Autry House flour, then deep fried.

Michael Bush:
They are kind of tough fresh.  If you skin them you have gutted them (there are no abdominal muscels), cut them into pieces and soak them for four days in light brine to let them tenderize.  Then, as iddee says, roll them in flour and deep fat fry them.  That's my favorite.  Or you can get fancier with the breading and roll them in flour and then dip them in batter and fry them.  Pretend they are shrimp with bones.  :)  You can cook them pretty much any way you would shrimp.  Fried, grilled, baked, roasted on a stick...

I agree with fried, dusted with cajun or texmex seasoning, I prefer mine hot. 


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