Fresh Sausage Anyone?

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Ben Framed:
I just read Iddees' topic  "Making fresh sausage" under the humor section where I responded:

"iddee I had some 'fresh' homemade sausage brought and given to me just very recently! These fellows went wild hog hunting and was careful to make the sausage from sow hogs. They said the hogs were of very lean meat and therefore picked us several pounds of hog fat to add in the mix from a butcher friend. They claim it is better than Jimmy Dean, Tennessee Pride, and Evens! I look forward to getting into it! lol"

For those of you who make and blend your own sausage, tell us about your sausage making experiences. What are your choices in herbs and spices. Do you make it Hot; Medium; Mild? etc...


My son just made a fresh batch with 3/4 venison and 1/4 pork fat. Very good.

Michael Bush:
My son just gave me some.  Pretty much the same.  Venison with pork fat.

The sausage I make that isn't cased is venison and pork fat. I season it with different things but sage is a good one if you like the traditional breakfast sausage taste. I'm going to give a go at making goose sausage that has a mixture of pork fat and seasonings too, that will be cased.

You have to have sage to make sausage. After all, the word is sau, which is german for sow, or pig, then the word sage. SAU-SAGE


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