Not Just cowboys; Cowgirls can do it too!

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Ben Framed:

--- Quote ---so you have your hands free to shoot a bow or a gun
--- End quote ---

They were great horsemen.

Leg pressure is a great tool.

I never could do it, but I've seen my Uncle reach down and pick up his hat without dismounting.

Michael Bush:
I have trouble picking things off the ground when I'm standing on the ground...

My horses were trained for many tasks, mounting from 3 sides (I never perfected climbing over their head LOL), stepping over obstacles instead of jumping was necessary when leading pack horses, ground driving, broke to hobbles, pickets, neck ropes and both high and low lines and pretty much all of them were broke to pack before ever climbing on their backs.. water crossings were another thing I have seen many horses just loose their minds over!

Here I am crossing a little creek on my favorite horse for guiding.. never tied him and I could have him loose for two days and one whistle would have him standing by my tent in 10minutes without fail!

--- Quote from: Kathyp on February 25, 2023, 03:00:03 pm ---
--- Quote ---In my opinion a colt is not fully trainied if it has not been taught to side pass.
--- End quote ---

Because we ride in the mountains a lot, there are some other things I found useful.  Among them, teaching the horse to drag.  I usually start with something light weight like a tarp.  the tarp is a combo bomb proofing and dragging 101 + if they get nuts about it, they don't get hurt.  I always double lead rope them when I start using a standard lead rope and lunge line AFTER they are already pretty bomb proof.   :grin:  By the time they are done, they can drag heavy things like soggy 4X4s/logs forward and backward and hopefully they are smart enough to learn not to get tangled in the line as they switch...although I have had some stupid horses that never quite got it!

--- End quote ---

Ben Framed:
> Here I am crossing a Here I am crossing a little  creek

We call those raging rivers in my location! lol


Michael Bush:
In Nebraska that would be a raging river.  In Illinois that would be a creek.  I would say it's not a little creek except we had a creek that was named "Little Shoal Creek" that was a bit wider, but not so "raging".  But to be honest, none of us thought "Little Shoal Creek" was little.  But I think it joined up with the slightly larger "Big Shoal Creek" just before it ran into the Kaskaskia River.


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