Not Just cowboys; Cowgirls can do it too!

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Ben Framed:
Cowgirl, her horse, her dog, and a hundred head of yearlings for a two mile drive....

Michael Bush:
You can tell a real cowboy/cowgirl when they open a gate and never get off the horse.  Of course at her size that might be a necessity. But I've seen many a cowboy open a gate without dismounting.

I?m no cowboy but I?ve been a rancher and worked with plenty of cowboys, most of the pros mount up in the morning and never step off the horse until they stop for the day..
I?m pretty crippled up and climbing onto a horse without a mounting block is pretty painful so I made sure to train up my horses to side pass (stepping sideways 90degrees from forward direction) early on so that opening gates never require a dismount.


--- Quote ---early on so that opening gates never require a dismount.
--- End quote ---

I think all horses should be taught that.  Also to be mounted from either side and worked from either side. 

Most of my gates are not designed for horse riding but Nina, our foreign exchange student from Germany, and I can get most off them open without getting off. From now on I?m going to make gate closures designed to be at the top of the gate instead of being in the middle, down low.
I recently saw on Heartland that they used 4 horseshoes welded to a piece of metal to make a gate lock. My Ferrier gave me a bunch of horseshoes and after BeeFest I?m going to try and make some. If they work out I would like to replace as many as I can.
Jim Altmiller


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