Is it true? Can you always find gold on the Fraser River?

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I used to belong to a FB gold panning group.  They said you could find gold in just about any river if you worked at it and knew what you were looking for.
One of the guys panned the Willamette river and got small stuff.

I have worked the river on our Baker Co property a little bit and haven't gotten anything, but I haven't put in the time yet.  Should be able to find stuff in that area as it was a gold mining area back in the day.  There are still some mines around but I don't know if they are worked much.  The claims are still held for gold and more for copper.

So yeah, according to those guys, you should be able to find gold in the Fraser or just about any river if you work at it!   :grin:

Welcome to Beemaster!

Ben Framed:
Kathy if you decide to do some serious 'looking', fill us in please sounds fun and interesting....  :grin:


--- Quote ---Kathy if you decide to do some serious 'looking', fill us in please sounds fun and interesting
--- End quote ---

I plan to go this summer and see what I can find, but I also have to go to N. CA and that's a much easier place to pan.  I have a sluice and stuff, but just have not had the time in years to do it seriously.  With the price of gold it is probably worth a bit of time.


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