Gold prospecting using a metal detector

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Next month I'm going up in the mountains to a known gold area.  I hope to do a bit of panning.  I really hope to be able to post pictures like yours!!   :grin:

What do you do with your bits?  Are they worth selling or do you do it just for fun?

Good luck Kathy. Make sure that you post what you find. Panning is a lot of fun (and hard work) I have sold some gold in the past but I keep most of it as a long term investment. As an example, the gold on the coin in that last photo has a value of around $100 Australian.

Ben Framed:
Adds up...

My detecting buddy and I hit a spot where the old timers mined over a hundred years ago. We worked hard for quite a few pieces of junk and a few little pickers. The larger one was hidden in a small rock. It was obvious why it was missed in the past. A bit of a soak in acid over night and the nugget started to reveal its beautiful shine.

Ok, officially jealous.  I went panning while in CA and spent so much time in the river my feet were numb.  I found ONE flake.   :grin:

Granted, I took the easy route to the river and that area was probably well panned out.  People had dug up the dry bank so I went out into the river for the big rocks hoping others had not been so bold (stupid).

ONE FLAKE after the winter they had. 


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