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What do you think about Rich Rodriguez taking over at Arizona?  The Ducks have sure had success with the spread offense in the PAC-10. 

I think it’s a great move.  I like Rich Rod, even though his teams at Michigan had ZERO defense.  It was the lack of defense and size up front that really finished him off in the Big 10.  Michigan was ranked something like 106th in defense last year under Rich Rod and is now back up to a respectable 7th under new coach Hoak.

If Rich Rod can just get a strong defense going along with his spread offense, he’ll be unstoppable!  Let’s hope for Arizona’s sake that he hires a new defensive coordinator this time around!

It’s hard for me to believe that anybody would hire him as a coach again.  His place is on TV, along  with Snooky and the Kardashians, for he too, is clueless.

Retread coaches often never achieve what they had done in the past, especially those who have achieved success at major schools. Dennis Erickson and Rick Neuheisel being being Exhibits "A" and "B".  Lou Holtz and Spurrier at South Carolina did okay, but not great. Mike Price at UTEP. Houston Nutt at Ole Miss. John Robinson's 2nd time around at USC was just slightly better than mediocre. And the list goes on.

Obviously, some have managed to bring success to new schools during their upward climb (Urban Meyer), but it seems they are in the minority.

There's no reason one or both of the Arizona schools can't be much, much better. It's not like they are stuck out on the Palouse like WashState.


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