Dolphins Win in a bad way

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Okay so I'll admit it they won tonight and pretty well had their way with KC.  But now the thing that I keep pulling my hair out about is we have no Q-back.  At least if we lost every game we would have a shot at Andrew Luck.  Year after year though we select good players yet we can't find a good Q-back or don't want one.  Haven't figured out which is the case.  I've seen us pick up really talented recievers but not having anyone able to throw to them.  It's like we are waiting for another Dan Marino to just drop out of the sky.  Maybe that's what I should start praying for it looks like we that may be the best chance for a beaten and battered team that is a lot better then their record.  Who knows the season isn't up yet we may get that number one draft pick yet.   :evil:

What?  Henne isn’t the next Dan Marino?

One should be careful what they wish for when it comes to being so bad to get the first draft choice.  Just look at the Detroit Lions.  Once you become that bad it takes decades to recover.  Matt Millen proved it doesn’t matter how many top draft picks you have if your management doesn’t know what they’re doing.   Millen could have had the 72 Dolphins and still gone 0 and 16.

Well we may actually have decades to recover it looks like.  We have a spark from time to time but overall we are down right bad.  I really can't understand why they didn't go after Carson Palmer. 

there are other qb's besides luck, anyway he's only a junior and not a guarantee to enter the draft ( although i think he'd be crazy not to ). landry jones, ryan tannehill,zach collaros, brandon weeden, nick foles and kellen moore all look to be excellent prospects as well. even if miami dropped to # 10 ( they'd have to start winning a lot for that to happen, no offense ) they would still be able to draft a quality qb because plenty of teams will be looking to fill other needs. this looks like it will be a draft that is loaded with good qb's

Luck is a senior he was a junior last year and could have entered the draft.  The only thing I can see is if he was red shirted and wanted to play his last year.  As it goes Miami has offense just not a QB to execute it.  They have spent money on some good quality receavers over the last few years just nobody who can throw to them. 


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