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My son, and co beekeeper, is relocating to NJ. That leaves the beekeeping to me (Yea!). We set up the apiary in my mom's backyard. She nudged me into continuing the apiary after my son's departure. Him and I did not agree on his unconventional methods, so I stepped away from the project. Now I get to make the mistakes all by myself.
I installed two packages today. I am starting a month later than the first year, but there is plenty of built out comb giving them a head start. The nectar should be flowing strong for the next 6 weeks or so.

I spent quite some time scraping off junk from most of the old frames. A small number of frames are still usable for the brood boxes.

The apiary is in Suffolk County, New York - about mid point of Long Island.

Ben Framed:
Tom I'm glad you are back! Wishing the best for your Son in NJ. No two folks agree on everything.
Good for Mom! I have one of my apiaries at my Parents place as well. As far as mistakes, I am sure you will fare just fine. The advantage of having comb is a real advantage. I look forward to you posting again! A warm 'welcome back' to you Tom!


Welcome back, Tom!  I hope everything goes well with your new packages.  Beekeeping can be a pretty individual thing.  Hopefully you'll find discovering your personal style rewarding.  Keep us posted with how your bees are doing, and of course feel free to ask any questions you may have.  It's always great to see members return after a long absence!  :happy:

Welcome back Tom.


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