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Rise and Shine:
Greetings from Washington State (Puget Sound area).
I just found this forum yesterday while poking around on the internet in a quest for learning about beekeeping. 
This will be my first year as a beek.  I originally planned to start with one hive.  I ordered a starter kit (3 medium 8-frame boxes and the other required gear) and ordered bees from a local business to be delivered in mid-April (Italians).   From continued reading I discovered that is may be best to start with two hives (compare and contrast).  So, I ordered another package of bees from the same local business (delivery in late April - Carniolan) and plan to visit this week to buy additional hive boxes and frames.
I've painted the first set of hive boxes and am eagerly watching the calendar to get my first package.  Of course, I'm nervous too.  I do have a neighbor down the road to help mentor me.  She has been working with bees for the past four years.  I was too late to get into any of the local bee classes, so am reading a bunch of books, scouring the internet and watching lots of videos.  I've also joined a nearby club.  I think I'm hooked!
My husband picked up lumber today to make my hive stands, so I'm hoping he will be involved as well.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to learning from this forum and hopefully to someday contribute.

Thrilled to have found this forum!

Welcome to Beemaster.
Bee sure to ask any questions you have, we love to answer them even if some one else has asked the same question previously.
Jim Altmiller

Welcome to Beemaster, Rise and Shine!  :happy:  I agree that two hives will be better to start out with than one.  As Jim said, feel free to ask any and all questions you may have.  We love talking about bees!  If you haven't found it already, I'd highly recommend Rusty Burlew's website  I love her blog, and she is located in your area of the country, so her information would probably be especially helpful to you. 

Ben Framed:
Hello Rise and Shine from Washington State! Welcome to Beemaster!


Hello and Welcome to the forums!



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