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Hi, my name is Tryg(pronounced Trig) and I am in Virginia. I live on my parents' farm in a loft apartment attached to their barn/shop. I have been beekeeping for about 8 years now, and have been a lurker on Beemaster(and other forums) for much of that time. In my best year I probably had about 30 hives, although right now my numbers are way down(only 5 living hives). I am currently in the process of moving all my hives to a new roofed structure we built last years, which I have electrified against bears. I am very interested in treatment free beekeeping, or perhaps better named minimum contact beekeeping. I am also in the process of converting to foundation-less.

Speaking of treatment-free does anybody know what is going on with There wasn't much activity to begin with, but now I get a Cloudflare error. Have they all caught Covid and packed up shop? I only ask here because I have seen Michael Bush post on Bmaster.

Anyway, I look forward to sharing a little bit about my process and some of the custom equipment I have built/am working on, and receiving your feedback.

Ben Framed:
Hi MideastHobbit, Welcome to beemaster..Yes, Mr Bush is a member here. We have a section that you might interest you.
Topic: Natural and Organic Beekeeping. Check it out!


Welcome to BeeMaster.
If you would like to meet Mr. Bush, check out the BeeFest 2022 thread. He will bee here for it.
He has been keeping bees treatment free for a long time.
Jim Altmiller

Welcome to Beemaster, Tryg!  :happy:  I too am a frequent resident of the Shire, and I am also trying to keep my bees treatment free/chemical free.  I'm entering my fifth spring with bees and have 4 hives at the moment, although I was up to 8 last summer.  I've been foundationless since the beginning, and so far I've managed to use only organic treatments on my bees, but ideally I'd like to be doing only IPM treatments of some sort.  I can't say about the other forum, as I was never a member, but perhaps when Michael Bush pops up you could ask him.  He usually appears about once every fortnight.  Hopefully you will find a new beekeeping home here on Beemaster!   :beemaster:     

Jim 134:
      One of the best treatment free beekeepers. I know in North America....Kirk Webster for VT..USA

 Just Google him (kirk webster beekeeper) you will get many articles.... That he has written for :cry: bee  Magazine's ... He has spoken many times to EAS..
The Eastern Apicultural Society of North America, Inc

                               BEE HAPPY  Jim134   :smile:


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