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Hi Folks,

Let us see just how they contort the truth and torture common sense and perception.

No guilt! No shame!


  :grin: :grin: :grin:

Sal - I saw that story, and your right - this'll be fun to watch. Grab the popcorn.

Hi Folks,

"... I would never point a gun at anyone and pull the trigger..."

And this whole interview was staged! Lights,... MUSIC,... angles,... mood,...TEARS!

This belongs in BIG LIES!

OK. For those who need to know. For the bullet to hit the woman, the gun had to be pointed at her. For the bullet to fire, the hammer had to hit the primer (I'm assuming center fire). Who was holding that gun? Who owned the bullets?

My thoughts: He was coming on to her. She told him to get lost. Maybe they had something going. Then she told him to get lost.

He concocted this murder scenario. He's Hollywood.

Where's Angela Lansbury when you really need her. Where's Columbo???

I can't wait for the next episode: As the Worm Turns!

A friend had a .22 pistol go five rounds full auto at a target match. Old gun,... worn down sear. It happened. But he owned the bullets.

Alec Baldwin owned the bullets.


Ben Framed:
Hum, interesting analogy Sal.   

"Where's Angela Lansbury when you really need her. Where's Columbo???"

You could be right! Looks just like something off of one of those old reruns!


--- Quote from: salvo on December 04, 2021, 07:25:09 am ---Alec Baldwin owned the bullets.

--- End quote ---
Except he didn't.  If this was a prop gun being used during filmmaking, it is the production armorer who is responsible for making sure the right prop guns and rounds are used safely depending on what scene they are filming.  Apparently, this film was very low budget and was reportedly cutting corners on safety precautions to save time and money.  I read that Baldwin's stunt double had accidentally fired a gun that he was told was "cold" a few days before this happened.  I'm not saying there is or isn't foul play involved in this, but my eyes are on the armorer and the assistant director who handed Baldwin the gun, who are far more responsible for making sure the sequence is filmed safely than Baldwin.       


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