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Title: Welcome to THE COFFEE HOUSE
Post by: beemaster on February 22, 2004, 08:45:04 pm

If you are in this forum you are a member. The COFFEE HOUSE is where we talk about any issue other than Beekeeping.

This forum is not available to guests. Please talk about issues that will NOT result in offending other cultures, religions, etc. we are an INTERNATIONAL GATHERING here and you need to think twice and write once!!!

The SAME RULES APPLY here as does the rest of the forums. Here is a link to the THREE SIMPLE RULES OF THE FORUMS ( where you get the details of the forum policy.

Enjoy this forum, but be mindful of other member's reactions and try to avoid confrontation - this (((AS ARE ALL THE FORUMS HERE))) is a family friendly forum, keep it that way!!! Thank you.