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Author Topic: Getting Ready for NASCAR at Wakins Glen Raceway  (Read 2768 times)

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Getting Ready for NASCAR at Wakins Glen Raceway
« on: July 30, 2005, 04:12:48 pm »
Hi Everyone:

Glad to see all is going smoothly with most of your Summers. It is a really busy time here just doing maintenance around the house and trying to enjoy the nicer days of Summer.

Less than 2 weeks to Watkins Glan, NY races and I'm really excited. We had one fellow back-out of going, so it is JUST two of us now WHICH I think is really good for many reasons: most of all, we have more room and will use less water for showers, etc., which is always a concern at a DRY CAMPING SITE where there is NO water, sewer or electrical hookups.

I have a powerful generator, satelite TV and all the luxuries of home in my RV www.beemaster.com/bus.html so we surely won't be roughing it, but fuel and water usage is something EVERY RVer is concerned with especially when you have a 4 day event you are going to.

We leave on a Friday (about 4am) and arrive at the track, hopefully by 11am. We have races on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Sunday being the BIG race) and we leave on Monday morning for home.

I figure I'll make it to the area and refuel just before arriving to the track - then we are set as far as the generator goes, then refuel right as we leave.

QUESTION: for those near the area - I know PA gas prices are less than NY, so is it worth traveling the extra miles south across the border to fuel up? I get about 12mpg average in that 37ft beast, and the tank is a 70 gallons. Any Suggestions on filling up in the area are appriciated :)

So, that's about all that is going on here. My family is doing OKAY, although my Mom has had some terrible news concerning her health: she has opted to NOT have any more surguries and found out that lung cancer has returned, so it is now a matter of dealing with that sad issue. The best I can do is to make life confortable for her, and for now - she is doing pretty good at caring for her own hygene and other light matters.

I'm still thinking of everyone here and as we near Fall I'll be back and more active in the forum - but it is obvious that you all are doing very good without me lingering around :)

Welcome all new members and to everyone, continued health and good beekeeping to you all :) God Bless!!!!
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Getting Ready for NASCAR at Wakins Glen Raceway
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2005, 01:08:52 am »
All my best to you and yours
I hope this trip is is everything ypu hope for
All my best to your Mom, who I have met and spoken with many times.
Hope we talk soon
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