Lets Go Fishing!

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It is good fun Phillip. Just over a week ago I had a few days up in the mountains with a couple of mates. Fly fishing for trout is one of my favourite pastimes. Having a fly line pulled through your fingers by a good fish that is on the run is an amazing sensation.

Ben Framed:
Les I have no doubt that trout fishing as you describe is a thrill! In my area trout are not to be found. When I was a boy, I used to buy those 60 cent Outdoor Life as well as Field & stream and Sports Afield magazines. I always wished to try my hand at fly fishing. There was an outdoor writer from my State of Mississippi who would regularly go out West on such adventures and write of such in those magazines. He also wrote of many other type of hunting and fishing adventures. His name was Bruce Brady and he was from Brookhaven, Mississippi..  Thanks for rekindling those memories!!


Fly fishing is HUGE in my area, although I've never done it myself.  We just chuck bait for trout in the summer.  We had a really poor trout fishing season last summer though.  We had very little rain, and the river was just too low and the water too warm for the trout.  We have brown, brook, and rainbow trout, all stocked in our river by the state wildlife commission.  Upstream from where I live we also have native brooks and semi-native browns in wild waters, where the trout populations are self-sustaining.  What kind of trout are you fishing for, Les?   

Hi Reagan,

We fish for browns and rainbows. The browns are self sustaining and the rainbows are stocked. I was fishing on Lake Eucumbene which is a large lake of about 30km in length and is a part of the Snowy Hydro Scheme that generates a lot of power to supplement electricity to the main grid. It is about 4000 ft above sea level which means that the water is generally cool and supports good populations of trout. The streams feeding the lakes also hold fish.


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