slowest member finally figured out how to post picture

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This has given me fits trying to figure out how to post here but I finally got it.

Here are a couple swarm pictures from a couple weeks ago.

second swarm about 30 minutes late from a different hive.

Not to burst your bubble,  but some of us can't see your photos.

I think you may be suffering from the same problem Beth had (I think it was with community.webshots as well).  She finally switched to a different photo hosting provider.


Did you check the other post "just a test"? I put a picture there as well. I can see both of them and thought I had it figured out. I am not sure what to do since they show up for me. Before I couldn't even see them.

Beth Kirkley:
I can see the picture, but Robo's right, I did have lots of problems with webshots. It's a server thing - has to be. I got so tired of people telling me they couldn't see photos, then they could, then they couldn't. Agrivating!! I switched over to and haven't had that problem once. It's actually a nice site too. Easier to upload, easier to look at and sort your pics, and nice options (like a way to design and have printed a book of your photos). I'm actually thinking of doing that too - getting a book printed up of my first year. It looks really cool (the sample) on the web site, and it was only about $35 for a book with 20 pages (about 60 pictures). I'd give it to my mom. :)


Yes, I looked at the test post as well and can't se it either.  I don't believe you are doing anything wrong, because you and some others can see it.  I can't explain it, but some of us, at least in Beth's case, could not see her images.  It is something to do with webshots.  I can take your link and directly view it through a browser,  but it doesn't show up in the posts.


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