My daughter's first hive inspection

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My oldest daughter who is 10 insisted that she wants to help me with hive inspections, so I got her a kid-friendly veil/upper.  Here's a photo from her first encounter with the bees a little while back--her confidence is amazing!

That is super awesome!  I wish my little sisters would come up to the hives with me more often.  I've been talking to my one sister about it and she's interested, but she needs to get up the courage to actually take the plunge. 

It's nice to share the experience with her.  Her younger sister (7) is beginning to show interest as she hears her older sister talk about it.  Perhaps they'll both be helping me in the future.  :cool:

I hope your younger sisters will one day join you!

I showed this thread to my sisters and they love your username.  They are really into Jurassic Park right now.  They want me to ask you who your favorite character is from the original movie.     

My favorite character from the first movie is Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum).  Here's a view where our home/apiary is and why I chose this as our Apiary name (and my username).  They filmed many scenes from the Jurassic Park movies about 15 minutes away from us along these same mountains.


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