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Hi guys,

I sprayed queen bee pheromone/lemon etc into my two hives on Monday. Today there are bees flying in and out of both hives. Is there any approximate time how soon they will come to stay or is it a case of, 'if it happens, it happens' or have they already moved in? I haven't opened the hives yet in case it scares them off.

Thank you in advance.

It's OK, they all just arrived and the hives are filling up LOL. So pleased. :)

Good job.
It all depends on if there is a swarm in the area and if they like the size and location of your hive compared to other available nest sites in the area.

little john:

--- Quote from: Powisden on May 25, 2017, 08:28:25 am --- is it a case of, 'if it happens, it happens'
--- End quote ---

That's about the strength of it ...

I often liken the catching of swarms to fishing in the open sea - you can only catch something if you chance upon a shoal of fish which just happens to be passing nearby.
Of course the odds become significantly increased the more beekeepers (specifically, the more inexperienced beekeepers) there are in your area.  So - towns are far more promising for swarm-catching than the open countryside.

Bit like sea-fishing when you know where the wrecks are located.

Well done - now the fun begins ...

Bit of (unrequested) advice - I know it's tempting to 'have a peek inside' - but leave 'em well alone for a good week or even two, until they've got some brood established.  Then they'll be anchored ok, and won't be scared-off by any interference.

How often should you check swarm traps? 


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