Jose's Hive: How Not To Keep Bees

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Buzzbee and Allen, you'd better move quick before Jose patents his set up.

Bud, you are quite right.  With my brand on the nuc box though, I didn't want to take the blame for all the swarms he's likely to throw to his neighbours.

Nico, we split it after the cyclone.  I guess when the next cyclone comes Jose will put a flower pot on or something to stop the lid blowing off.

Say nice things about Jose folks.  I'll send him the link so he can admire his beautiful bees.


I think I killed Jose's hive.   :'(

I am a bee murderer.  I had told Jose that I would supply the frames and foundation, and stick it on his hive so they wouldn't be so cramped, and then leave him to it.  But the day I went he was late getting back, and his wife had to get to work.  So when I found he had put an empty super on top, with 4 wired foundationless frames, I was not amused.  There was comb at all angles, and difficult to remove because of the wires. I made a real big booboo.  I tried to quickly cut it out while the super was still on top of the brood super.  It was a stinking hot day on top of an iron roof and honey went everywhere.  Bees were drowning in masses.  And I can't bear to think of all the honey that slipped into the brood.  It will be a miracle if the queen survived.  A couple of days later there were still bees dying, and some had swirled around, maybe absconded?

I have made many mistakes with bees, but that will be about the worst. You have never seen such a mess.  Those poor bees didn't deserve to die like that.  They were a real quiet and strong hive, too.  I don't hold out much hope for it, but I will check it when I have a chance. I took a photo before the mass destruction which I can post if I work out how to load it.  I know I should have removed the honey super before trying to cut the comb away, and probably left it till the bees deserted it at nightfall, but are there any other suggestions?  I certainly have learnt 'how not to keep bees'...and also that you can't teach old Joses new tricks.   :roll:


D Semple:
I want to see a picture of the van you were will to swap for a beehive.  :-D


Uploaded with

This is the van after the school hijacked it for the street parade.  It is not normally a hippie van.
Some mechanic said he could fix it for 2 grand and without warning charged me over 5 grand for a new engine when I went to collect it, and it still didn't work.  First time I drove it there was no water in the radiator, and second time there was water in the transmission oil.  Then they charged me $150 for oil to flush the system out.  It stopped running on gas (LPG) and was running rough on petrol.  Someone said they would sell it for me so I made a sign and went to drive it to town when it broke down again.  That's when I bumped into Jose and got the beehive.  It cost him another 2 grand to get it going and that's only because he's a man and knows what to ask without getting duped.  I have been swindled by nearly every mechanic in town and have similar stories about most of them.  I wrote this up for a friend who was going to take this mechanic to a TV show about swindlers, but before that happened he tried a stunt on his own wife, and I guess her fury was enough punishment for all the people he's ripped off.

Well I might have the most expensive beehive in history, but I tell you, it was worth every cent.   :-D

Epilogue.  I now have a kia rio I got in good condition through the public trustee.  Above mechanic said if he was asked to look at a kia he'd say "I can see it from here", but I tell you, it's never broken down.



--- Quote from: bud1 on July 12, 2012, 06:59:06 pm ---that jose kinda like me, dont sweat it if it works

--- End quote ---

Hay Bud.......  

Jose's looks like another bee haveor to me!!

 :lau: :lau: :lau:

            BEE HAPPY Jim 134 :)  


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