First pictures of my bees on a frame

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My daughter was helping me feed the other day so I decided I should get some pictures. I got her all suited up but she said she could not use the gloves to take pictures. The closer I got to her the further away she walked. The two pictures are of the center frame of the top hive body, both are deeps.

Looking good kept up the good work.

   BEE HAPPY Jim 134  :)

Well I looked at the hive today and it did not look good. The two pictures I posted above look about the same but funnier looking. The bees are making the comb but some are smaller than others and there are a few, by themselves, that stick straight out and are capped. Im going to try to get some pictures and post them because I dont think they look right.

Shawn, sometimes the bees do build funny comb.  Bring on the pictures, we would all love to see them.  The pictures were very nice, by the way, cute about your Daughter backing up as you came closer, hee, hee.  Beautiful and most wonderful day, Cindi

ok here are the pictures of the same two frames as above. If anyone could tell me maybe what they are doing or why the comb is looking funny. If you notice some of the comb looks dark brown, some white or yellowish, some cells are capped all by themselves.

Woops. I copied the wrong image from Image shack and had to modify the post. If anyone woudl like me to email them the pictures in their original size so you can soom in let me know. I really want to know why the comb is looking so strange.


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